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This is my child's first year at ECS.  He is in Pre-K.  His teacher is Sis. Kay, and he loves her.  While the school year is just commencing, I have already been very impressed with what he has learned in such a short time.  I am also thankful that he is already starting to hide God's Word in his heart.  There is nothing more pleasing than to hear your child reciting scripture at four years of age.  Keep it up ECS.  You're doing a marvelous job.


-Mrs. J. Hermes



Eastside Christian School is by far the best school your child could attend.  My child has received an outstanding education and is learning in a true Christian atmosphere.  The staff uphold Christlike attitudes and each child is treated with respect and care.  You will not regret the choice to send your child to ECS!


-Mrs. B. Brown





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